About Us

Who are we?

The Nafferton Feoffees Charity Trust (Charity Number 232796) is made up of four charities known as the Poors Trust, the Town Trust, the John Baron Trust and most recently the Jefferson Hodgson Trust covering the ecclesiastical parish of Nafferton, Wansford and Pockthorpe and was started in 1890.

What is a Feoffee?

Definition of feoffee – 

  • a trustee invested with a freehold estate to hold in possession for a purpose, typically a charitable one.
  • historical (in feudal law) a person to whom a grant of freehold property is made.

There are 9 trustees of the scheme.  These are made up of 2 nominated trustees from Nafferton Parish Councils and one nominated trustee from Wansford Parish Council and 6 co-opted members.

What do we do?

  • Provide grant assistance to people in special hardship in the Parish. (Grants for funding cannot replace or augment State Benefits). Sometimes we may be able to help people from outside the Parish, but who have very close ties with the Parish.
  • Scholarships may be provided for students. Grants may be made for primary and secondary school students for study trips and projects etc.
  • The Parish and community.  Funding is available for the enhancement and development for public benefit of community facilities and recreation grounds, the footpaths and play areas in the locality.
  • Aid and support shall be available for village institutions and groups which are of value to the community within the parish, including children’s and youth groups.

What have we done recently?

  • Payed for a purpose built Recreation Club and provided a new home for the Nafferton under Fives and a Community Suite for all the village.
  • Funded bursaries for local students.
  • Helped the Women’s Institute hold their annual pensioners dinner.
  • Given grants to local clubs and individual students for study trips.
  • Provided grant funding towards the New Bells at All Saints Church, Nafferton.
  • Provided grant funding towards improvements to Wansford & Nafferton Village Halls